Team and Fleet Tracker

Monitor and manage your workforce with ease

Simplify managing your workforce and ensure employee safety with our time and attendance solution, featuring geolocation and fleet tracking capabilities.

Automate time & attendance in a snap

Ditch the old-school method of punch cards, timesheets, and long days of calculating everyone’s hours. Our time and attendance solution simplifies the process and makes it a breeze

Verify attendance

Mark and verify attendance with just a single click.

Email alerts

Stay up-to-date with regular email updates for the latest attendance records.

Easy Excel formatting

Forget the hassle of maintaining attendance registers and dealing with inaccuracies.

Login/logout details

Keep track of attendance online with login and logout details, providing a comprehensive view of attendance trends and patterns.

Automated attendance

Automate your attendance reporting and download daily and monthly reports effortlessly.

Avoid false attendance

Detect and prevent proxy attendance with automated, reliable, and accurate attendance records that are downloadable anytime.
Protect your employees on the move anytime, anywhere

Enable ride-sharing for your team effortlessly. With a simple QR code scan, your employees can share ride details with their chosen people and access all the information about the vehicle and driver.

Journey details sharing

Share the details of employees’ journey, including the estimated arrival time and the route selected.

Instant driver and vehicle evaluation

Evaluate driver and vehicle details with a single click.

Instant SOS help
Stay safe with our SOS alarm, which instantly alerts your team’s chosen contacts in case of danger or emergencies, and even connects you to local law enforcement.


Real-time GPS tracking
Track and locate your team’s fleet and vehicle movements in real-time without any trouble.
Custom configurations and integrations for your business success

Integrate your business software with GPS tracking solutions using our APIs.

Tailored solutions

Customized hardware development and extensions, as well as application and workflow development to meet your business needs.

API integrations with IP restrictions

API integrations for real-time vehicle tracking and current status updates, which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software with customizable IP restrictions.

Streamline your team and fleet management now.