Leave the complexities of international legal work to us

Avoid legal headaches, ensure ongoing compliance, and keep your global expansion goals on track—no matter where you hire.

Hire internationally without the legal burden


Mosiac covers all your compliance needs, from setting up entities and researching country-specific laws to drafting contracts that comply with local laws, payroll, taxes, and benefits.



Expand without worry. Hire fast and secure, with no legal risks.

● Review the differences between an employer of record (EOR), a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), a payroll provider, and setting up your own entity.
● Localized contracts for every country that cover everything around minimum wage, working hours, parental leave, mandatory local benefits, and termination requirements.
● Guidance for different organizational structures.
● Avoid penalties associated to misclassification of foreign independent contractors.
● Neat paper trail on taxes, permits, local government fees, social contributions, and more.


Take control of IP, security, and data privacy
● Compliance with GDPR and privacy laws.
● Protect your intellectual property (IP) rights in foreign countries, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.
● Use locally compliant employment contracts that protect your IP and include necessary language.
● Mitigate the risk of costly and time-consuming IP infringement lawsuits.


Simplify your team's immigration journey. Help them get work visas and permits

● Swiftly hire employees in specific countries by leveraging our expertise in country and region-specific immigration laws.
● Customized solutions and on-the-ground support for your specific global immigration and relocation needs including short-term assignments and long-term employee moves.
● Comprehensive immigration advice, consular support, and expertise to avoid visa and work permit hurdles that can hold up an application.
● Vital document concierge — handles documentation gathering, translation, legislation, and administration.

Ready to simplify international compliance?