Get everything you need to run your HR and ERP functions with just one platform.

Keep track of your employee data including personal information, leave requests, contracts, job positions, appraisals, time & attendance, allocation requests, applications, expenses, and more.
Automate your payroll calculations, generate payslips, and manage taxes and deductions.
Monitor your employees' attendance, manage leave requests. and set up automatic notifications for tardiness or absence.
Manage your job openings, index resumes, track applications, search profiles, and schedule interviews in one place.
Provide new hires with a smooth onboarding experience, including digital signing of contracts and other documents.
Set objectives and track your employee’s progress. Automatically conduct periodic performance reviews.
Boost your recruitment efforts with an engaging employee referral program that includes exciting reward schemes for successful referrals.
Manage and track your vehicles, fuel log entries, contracts, costs, insurance, and assignments without pain.
Bring your entire business on one platform from customer acquisition to financial management to production and delivery by effortlessly adding or removing modules — centralized, in the cloud, and securely accessible from anywhere with any device.
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