Manage all your HR processes in one place

Organize data quickly and securely in one easy-to-use system. From employee data management, performance management, attendance and payroll management, and integrations to robust dashboards and analytics—your team will have everything needed to operate efficiently.
Advanced org charts
Simplify the process of mapping your business structure and hierarchy. Designed for small businesses and global corporations alike, our system adapts dynamically to accommodate growth and changes in your organization.
Employee database and record keeping
Store sensitive employee data securely in compliance with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.
Attendance management
Streamline work time tracking and management, including shifts, rosters, holidays, and overtime for all types of employees — from permanent staff, contractors, and hourly employees to temporary workers.
Robust dashboards
Give users a comprehensive and easy view of their selected area’s overall status—facilitating multiple data analyses including graphical representations.
Payroll processing
Be in control of your employee's complete payroll processing and management while ensuring the highest level of security and integrity.

Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Easy tax and payroll reporting to government agencies with just a single touch.

Define pay items

Dynamically define parameters for taxes, social contributions, allowances, and more.


Workflow-based approval process

Robust workflow-based approval process, simplifying decision-making and improving productivity.


Integration for banks and government entities to enable faster transaction and reconciliation.

Performance evaluation
Enable managers to keep employees focused on their core job activities while empowering them to achieve their personal goals.

  • Allocate KPIs and SMART objectives as evaluation criteria, allowing multiple peers and supervisors to conduct evaluations.
  • Integrated analytics and features that simplify various types of data mining, so you can easily analyze and understand your data.

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