The average rent for top-end office space in Colombo is up to 30%less than in Kuala Lumpur or Cairo and at least 50% less than equivalent space in Guangzhou or Bangalore.

-by A.T. Kearney

World Trade Center

Colombo’s best business address which you can afford an premiere office in a prime location. We can provide direct managed office spaces from WYC-Colombo.

Parkland Building

State of the Art “One Stop Shop” convenient for employees; convenient shopping and banking facilities.

Access Tower

A high rise office building that equally adopts green policies and maximum efficient design. Located in close proximity to the popular banks, commercial office buildings and restaurants makes Access South Tower an ideal location to grow and develop a business. Access Tower is the Preferred commercial address in Colombo 2. Along with the Indian Ocean, Lake Beira and the Colombo skyline. Also comes with breath-taking perks.

Paramount Towers

The space is conveniently located in the prime area of Nawala. It is just a few meters away from the Open University of Sri Lanka and some of the best restaurants, ceramic and construction related retail outlets. It is also home to many bank and financial services companies (Branches) including NTB Bank, HSBC, Union Bank, NDB Bank and Sampath Bank

Investing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s business environment allows for 100% foreign ownership.
There are no restrictions on the repatriation of earnings, fees and capital. The Constitution guarantees the protection of foreign investment.
Sri Lanka has an independent judiciary. And its legal system follows the principles and practices of British commercial law. It provides investors and international clients with a recognized and transparent contracting process.

Legal Structure

Treaties and Conventions

Sri Lanka is the only South Asian country to have acceded the Budapest Convention on Cyber-crimes and is the only South Asian country to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts.


Sri Lanka also enacted and Electronics Transactions Act, Computer Crimes Act and is a signatory to the latest UN e-contracting convention.

Information Security

Sri Lanka is a signatory to international treaties on intellectual property rights such as the Berne Convention and WTO/ TRIPS and adopted a comprehensive IP regime.

The country has created a national intellectual property rights office that focuses on awareness, policy issues, legislation and enforcement.

Eight telecom operators and five international submarine cables provide ample capacity

The Telecom Regulatory Commission provides special access facilities to IT/BPM companies for easy import of equipment and connectivity

Broadband, leased-line and satellite connectivity is widely available

“Moving within the city is much easier than in Cairo, Dhaka, Manila or Mumbai”

Fast adoption of technologies – Sri Lanka was the first South Asian country to establish a 4G LTE network

A community – driven training and development culture in Sri Lanaka reinforces continuous learning and development of the workforce.

Other Support Functions

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Tax Compliance
  • Cleaning and office maintenance
  • Procurement of equipment and other consumables
  • Facility Management
  • Customised IT solutions for administrative and cash flow optimisation and system integration
  • App Development based on business requirement
  • Software Development
  • Social media and digital marketing through our own in-house dedicated team
  • We will manage yearly secretarial work and will fulfil compliance requirements as company secretaries